VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts



BetterLesson is a curriculum-sharing and professional-networking site for teachers that aims to connect and share effective curriculum.

By using this platform you can search for and browse through different types of files, individual lessons, entire units and courses.


GrexIt turns your email into a simple, powerful collaboration tool.

GrexIt helps your teams collaborate right from their email inbox, helping your Support, Sales, Project Management, Recruitment and Operations processes become more efficient.

Don’t Let This Happen to You: Businesses Not Secure from Targeted Attacks

Although most businesses recognize the security risk involved with running a private network, simplyinstalling virus protection software is not enough. Not all hacking attacks are done by lone perpetrators, and not all hacking is as obvious as a virus that crashes your network.

Targeted attacksare a serious threat to any business that falls victim to these cybercrimes, and you may not even realize your business is at risk—or even currently a victim—of these advanced threats.



Snoox is a social recommendation site, where you can share everything you think is awesome with your friends and get valuable recommendations from the people you know.

You can recommend anything from aftershaves to zoos! Recommend restaurants & bars, travel destinations, hotels, cameras, gadgets, movies, books – anything you want to share with your friends and the world.

Remember, your friends will see your recommendations and trust your word – so make sure you stand behind them!


Meevl helps companies to discover and spread great news about their brand through reliable channel – employees.

Its platform keeps track of impact any particular employee made for the brand.

You can clearly see who suggested the most news, whose suggestions were actually used or who the most active explorer is. Meevl connects the whole company in discovering and spreading great news.

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