VisionWiz’s Top 15 Startups From 2012

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VisionWiz’s Top 15 Startups From 2012

VisionWiz’s Top 15 Startups From 2012


Decide is the only shopping service that predicts when to buy consumer electronics with no regrets.

With the new App, a one-second search can save you hundreds of dollars and the pain that comes with buying the wrong product at the wrong time.

So far data price predictions by this apps have been 77 percent accurate and the average potential savings have been $54 per device.

Car Bounce

Car Bounce helps you keep up with the status of your vehicle’s value, and financing situation.

Car bounce takes your current vehicle and financing information and generates a month by month breakdown, analyzing each month to determine if you are further ahead or behind in relation to what you owe verses your vehicle’s estimated value.


UpNext’s 3 D maps takes mapping to the next level with rich visual detail and personalized options.

UpNext 3d Cities offers tappable buildings, detailed venue information, reviews, fun personalization options, and up-to-date subway lines.


Jobsket will help you find jobs according to your real worth.

All you need to do is just upload your CV and then its system will analyze and classify your CV without having to fill out dozens of other forms to get exact worth of your CV.

When you upload your CV to Jobsket, it take care of everything like where you have worked, what has worked for you and what skills you have.

They do not need to enter this data into forms because they are already in your resume.


Insync would provide you multiple Google account support (personal, work, school, org, etc.).

Insync syncs your Google Docs across your devices.You can use Google Docs web to edit docs online for free.

Even you can access all Google doc offline while using Insync.


GoSoapBox is used during class to break down participation barriers, keeping students engaged, and giving teachers insight into student comprehension that was never before possible.

Students and teachers can join a GoSoapBox event through their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and interact during class.

You will be able to have up to 100 students join your GoSoapBox event, at one time.

If your class is larger than 100 students, go ahead and sign up for an account, then send an email to letting them know your class size.Once you do that then you can start using GoSoapBox.


Ringio is the first cloud-based rich calling service that intelligently routes calls to any phone in the world along with relevant information about the caller.

To begin receiving phone calls through Ringio, all you need is a phone. Ringio works with cell phones, landlines, VOIP phones such as Vonage, Skype online numbers… any 10-digit phone number is enough for Ringio to send you phone calls.

Umami Tv’s FreezeFrame Apps

New York-based startup Umami TV’s free companion TV app for the iPad are designed to make the conversation around TV more visual, fun and accessible for TV viewers.

Umami automatically recognizes what you’re watching and brings you photos, bios, news, gossip and conversation while you watch.


MindSumo is a new platform tha aims to solve your organization’s problems by connecting with students.

All you need to do is that just invite students to solve your organizational problems.

Once students are invited then they would given a chance to show off their skills to solve certain problems.

If students got success in solving those problems then they would get a cash prize from organizations and job offer as well.


Cowbird aims to collect your personal experiences.You can use Cowbird to keep a diary of your life, and to help them document the major sagas taking place in the world.

You can also explore the many beautiful stories in the library using a number of novel browsing techniques.


NextPunch is the easiest way to clock in/out online for your employees. For manager it’s an easy way to see where, when and what employees are working on as well as running payroll.

NextPunch would provide you a customized link ( for your employees and you to access the system.

There you’ll be able to see who’s working, where and on what.

Once your payroll period ends, simply log back into NextPunch and run a report to total up the hours so you can cut the checks.


Power2Switch is an online platform that helps you quickly compare rates and plans for the electricity suppliers in your area and then easily make the switch to the plan that is best for you.

It promise users to knock 10 to 40 percent off their energy bills, it promises that switching certified electricity suppliers is possible not only immediately, but also without any change in metering or infrastructure.

14. keeps detailed stats on where your resume was viewed, how often, and what people clicked on.

It will also track when your resume was scanned and what they viewed, giving you amazing insight into what people find relevant about you.


Spinlister takes all the best bikes available for rent, whether from bike shops or individuals, and puts them all in one place.

All you need to do is just type where you’d like to ride and Spinlister gives you the best options for that location.

If you’d like to list your bike, just snap a few pictures and share your sweet chariot with awesome people like you.

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