VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts..

Get A Brand Advocate Online For Your Company

Zuberance is a social media marketing company powering millions of authentic social recommendations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, shopping sites, and more for leading brands and products.

Zuberance uses its suite of social recommendations applications to identify a company’s most enthusiastic customers ( Brand Advocates) and make it easy for them to recommend the brand or product via reviews, stories, answers, offer sharing, and more.


Cricketcoach is a new smartphone application that aims to help and motivate new and experienced players to make big improvements to their game.

The expert coaching points, sharp videos and analysed pictures will give you many hours of fun and are an exciting new way to learn the game and develop skills.

This apps is really versatile and apply to any skill level, from beginner to advanced players.

Promising Startups

LocalVox would help local businesses market themselves online, across a network of publishers, social media, search, mobile, email newsletters & even their own website – and is as simple to use as email.

Its mission is to help local businesses market themselves in an online world that’s become too fragmented and complex for them to manage.

With a single partner and platform, local merchants can now take back control of their brand and marketing and message customers across all the channels they need to be online and have a partner there to help them through the process.

Beta Startups For Signup

FeedGrabbr is a new beta startup that aims to publish breaking news about stuff that matters to your users.


Unison is a private social network for your company. But unlike other enterprise social networks, Unison has ‘rooms’ You can create a ‘room’ for each project or team.

Then use rooms to post documents, updates, comments and more. It is much more useful than a single noisy news feed

When you log in site you will see your ‘rooms’, places where people can post, share docs, or talk together.

Just click into a room and you’ll see posts and comments. You can post questions inside a room and discuss any issues in groups.

Beta Startups

Boomtrain is a new beta startup that aims to find you the shows that you love online and which you can watch online.


ShoutAbout is designed to help news sites and blogs. It drives reader engagement, promotes sharing, and measures the social value of news.

By adding ShoutAbout to the end of stories and commentary, websites empower their visitors to learn more and take meaningful action on their content without sacrificing editorial independence.

Articles are rated by users on criteria like quality, fairness, and issue urgency. They are then ranked on the site based on several additional factors, including the number of people that have followed the Learn More and Take Action links below.

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