VisionWiz’s Weekly Roundup Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly Roundup Posts

VisionWiz’s Weekly Roundup Posts

Beta Startups For SignUp

Farmly aims to help you connect with the best farmers, farm shops and food producers around the UK to make buying from them more simple.

Startups from DCWEEK Events

JetJoose is an exclusive community for flight crew to share the best and cheapest places to visit on layovers. Whether it’s a good, cheap meal with a glass of wine or the hottest gay clubs to go to, JetJoose members can share with each other by adding places and comments.


ShadowDrive is a new social cloud platform that you can use in your social network.

By using their platform you can access your content anywhere and anytime.

All you have to do is authorize the ShadowDrive app directly from your social network or from

Once you are in your account managing your files is easy and no additional software is required.


AdYapper is an independent service that aims to help you talk back with the advertising, and the brands you see every day, all day

You can rate or comment ad online, or on a mobile device using your camera or via Android Application.

You can submit your own ad ratings / opinions and view / follow other members or “Yappers”.

Additionally, you may follow, rate and converse with the brands, agencies and other folks responsible for the creation and distribution of these ads.

Troop ID

Troop ID is an online ID card for the military that allows members to easily get great deals and discounts online, access employment and educational opportunities just for veterans and service members, tap into VA benefits, and get assistance with financial resources.

Your Troop ID allows businesses to recognize your service and grant you access to exclusive perks.

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