Promote Your Brand Through Employees Of Your Company

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Promote Your Brand Through Employees Of Your Company


Meevl helps companies to discover and spread great news about their brand through reliable channel – employees.

Its platform keeps track of impact any particular employee made for the brand.

You can clearly see who suggested the most news, whose suggestions were actually used or who the most active explorer is. Meevl connects the whole company in discovering and spreading great news.

In Company’s Own Words:

Meevl lets you spread the word about things happening within your company, and track analytics on who is saying what.

How It Works:

Employees can suggest interesting news they’ve got, discovered or found interesting. Social media manager approves them and share them directly on official company Facebook page or Twitter account.

This allows social media manager to get hints on interesting news from anybody in company while keeping social media presence compliant with company strategy.

Best Part Is:

Approved content is accessible to anyone in a centralized place.Meevl then allows anybody in company share curated news on their personal social networks.

Social media manager can create challenge, assign prize and award most active one.It helps to find company’s evangelists, increase brand awareness and motivate other colleagues to be involved.

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