Seven Ways To Raise Funds For Your Startups

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Seven Ways To Raise Funds For Your Startups

Seven Ways To Raise Funds For Your Startups



Fundable makes the process of reaching out and raising capital far more effective.

Startups can now present their ideas in a clear, public manner and solicit funding from any source for any amount.



CircleUp would help you to find and invest in retail start-ups.

And would also help you to receive equity in return.

As a entrepreneur you can share your company and vision on their platform.

Then investors like you evaluate the plans and choose to invest.

When enough capital has been committed, the fundraising “closes” and your investment is complete.

Lucky Ant

Lucky Ant is the first ever hyper local crowd funding platform.

Lucky Ant brings you one business every week that needs help funding a project. When they post a project, it has 7 days to reach its fundraising goal.

When the goal is reached, Lucky Ant unlocks the funds, and the business can fund the project.

Artsy is a crowdfunding site focused on the artistic genre. If you’re an artist, painter, sculptor, or have any artistic talent (including musical talent and writing) join this site( to fund your projects.

Wiown is a platform that will see online start up ideas turned into offline realities.Wiown allows you and others to join in and submit ideas.

Any ideas that can make money is allowed to be submitted on Wiown.If its feasible and the crowd votes for it, Wiown funds it. Even if you have no ideas- you still benefit by just being a member!!


HelpersUnite is a crowd-giving community where you can raise funds for creative and cause-based projects, and sell tickets to your special events, all in one place

All creative, entrepreneurial and charitable projects can be posted on their sites. For posting a project, all you need to do is just select a worthy charitable organization to receive a portion of your proceeds. Projects may be created from anywhere in the world.


MicroVentures is build on the concept of peer to peer lending. Microventure is creating a market place where early stage company, small business and entrepreneurs can get funded easily without any big hurdles.

It is based on one to one loan concept and reducing the role of mediations like any finance institutions or banks before taking loan or getting funded for your startup. So, its quick and easy. It will provide micro investment to people which can be repaid in easy installments.

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