Now Lock & Open Your Door From Smartphone

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Now Lock & Open Your Door From Smartphone

Now you can lock and open your door via your Smartphone from any place in the world.


Through Lockitron.

What Is Lockitron?

Lockitron is a smartphone based device/apps that aims to provide you virtual keys to lock and open your home door from any place.

Lockitron replaces keys with your phone. With Lockitron, you can instantly grant family, friends and guests access to your home or business from anywhere in the world using your internet enabled smartphone.

Easy To Use:

Any smartphone with a data plan or access to a WiFi network can load the Lockitron mobile website to access their virtual keys.

For a small monthly fee, Lockitron owners can enable text-message access which turns any mobile phone into a virtual key.

The Lockitron Android app features NFC capabilities that allow users to unlock or lock their door just by swiping it in front of a Lockitron NFC tag.

To use all of the Lockitron features provided by such as key issuing, revoking, access from any internet connection and logging your Lockitron it must be connected through the Lockitron internet services.

Best Part Is:

Lockitron works anywhere in the world and you can send commands to it from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

If you aren’t sure about Lockitron compatibility with your current lock, then you can order the Lockitron Deadbolt international package which includes the proper drill bits to add a new hole to your door.

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