New Magic Finger Will Find Anything That Your Eyes Can’t See Or Locate

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New Magic Finger Will Find Anything That Your Eyes Can’t See Or Locate

People often use their fingers to sense areas that they cannot see. For example, we may use our hand to search for a pen dropped between the cushions of a couch.

But now this kind of work can be performed easily by Magic Finger.

Magic Finger allows users to enhance the capabilities of such probing. By viewing its real-time video feed on a handheld device, the Magic Finger becomes an extension of the user’s eyes.

For example, a user can look behind them, around a corner or out the window of a car by simply pointing their finger in the associated direction.

What Is Magic Finger:

Magic Finger is a thimble-like device worn on the user’s finger. It combines two optical sensors: a lower resolution, high speed sensor for tracking movement, and a higher-resolution camera for capturing detail.

Magic Finger can identify the object that users touch, tapping different surfaces can trigger different command executions

Easy To Use:

Magic Finger can be affixed to the fingertip using an adjustable Velcro ring. A small plastic casing holds the components.

The case was designed to control the distance between the RGB camera and surface during contact.

Best Part Is:

Magic Finger is able to recognize textures and use the information to understand the environment, or object the user is interacting with, and perform associated contextual actions

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