Working on a Sports Projects? Need Funding?Then Try Sportfunder

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Working on a Sports Projects? Need Funding?Then Try Sportfunder

Working on a sports projects? Need funding?

Then try Sportfunder.

What Is Sportfunder?

Sportfunder is an international crowdfunding platform that aims to raise funds for sports related projects.

The sole purpose of the website is to help sportspeople and sporting organisations raise funds and sponsorship via ‘the crowd’ so that they may reach their true potential.

How It Works:

The Sportfunder platform connects sport’s amateurs and professionals, schools, and teams etc. with sport enthusiasts and fans to enable the successful funding of these projects using what is known as the ‘crowdfunding’ model of fundraising.

Projects must be created by individuals for themselves, or individuals on behalf of small groups, clubs, teams or other such entities.

This indivisual is therefore deemed the Project Owner and takes full responsibility and liability for the fundraiser.

Best Part Is:

Sportfunder reinvests any commissions it receives back into running, improving and marketing Sportfunder for the benefit of sport at all levels, from grass roots and community based initiatives through to assisting professional athletes and major events the world over.

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