Now Freelancers Can Locate Places To Work Via Work+

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Now Freelancers Can Locate Places To Work Via Work+

Now freelancers who are working from home can locate places to work.


Through Work+

What Is Work+?

Work+ is a new apps that aims to find you places for work which is near to you and most suitable to you.

In Company’s Own Words:

Work+ helps people get out of their house and into their community by finding places nearby that are good for working.

Easy To Use:

You can search for new places to work by telling Work+ about your ideal setup like wifi enabled spot, coffee spot or just quiet spot.

Work+ will scour nearby Foursquare and NYC WiFi Hotspot locations to find places that meet your criteria.

Work+ will also track the time spent working at locations. When the user is finished, they can simply leave the area and Work+ will record that session in their work log.

If a user liked working at that location, they can rate it highly or save it in their favorites to revisit later.

Best Part Is:

If you already knows a great place to work then you can simply search for nearby locations by name or keyword.

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