9 Best Startup Accelerator Platform From Asia

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9 Best Startup Accelerator Platform From Asia

9 Best Startup Accelerator Platform from Asia



FoundersLab is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator for student entrepreneurs in Asia.

FoundersLab works very closely with Students, Institutions, Industry-Mentors & Investors-group to establish a holistic eco-system potentially providing an accelerated opportunity for the growth of student entrepreneurs.


Chinaaccelerator aims to help you launch your own startup company and increase its chances of success.

By providing initial funding for you to develop your business plan and build enough of a demo, prototype or beta product, in order to demonstrate to investors at the end of our program.


DaD Asia is an angel investment company located in Shanghai, that is part of DaD Group. DaD Group is an global Angel Investment group originally from Spain and with offices in Russia, Spain, China, Chile and USA.

DaD Asia looks for early stage Internet-based projects seeking to capitalize on the developing Chinese market, as well as other overseas markets.

As a business incubator, they make sure that the projects they incubate with their complete ecosystem become successful, through their internal knowledge, resources, and access to the external environment.


StartupMalaysia run an annual accelerator program and startup competition to hand pick some of the most scalable ideas.

And then they help these ideas secure sponsorships or funding to send them to immersion camps in Silicon Valley or other startup clusters where they can meet, network, learn and finally make the connections to secure the 3 key ingredients for their startups to succeed – Money, Markets and Mentors!


JFDI is accelerate start-up companies from idea to investment in 100 days, using intensive mentoring and systematic processes that mitigate risk and align key stakeholders.

They facilitate early stage finance, operating their own pre-seed fund, arranging seed investment, and brokering introductions between acquirers and their acquirees.


SparkLabs provides a 3-month long program for seed to early-stage entrepreneurs who have a vision beyond Korea’s borders.

SparkLabs provides a world-class team of mentors for Korea’s entrepreneurs to accelerate and guide each company.

They invest $25,000 in each company, provide free office space, give unparalleled mentorship, incredible perks (over $215,000 in value) and access to a global network of companies, programs and people.


Golden Gate Ventures operates two tiers of investment. Tier 1 is an accelerator program where you’ll work directly alongside a handful of other startups and 2 full-time mentors to launch your product and get it to market. Tier 2 is a seed investment program for startups that already have a launched product and market traction.

East Ventures

East Ventures Alpha offers a whole range of services to best support the development of your company in Jakarta, Indonesia. Those services range from office facilities, company setup facilitation to business connection.


Cleantechregion aims to provide a one-stop growth acceleration service, including inter alia strategy advice, business development / management support, training, capital raising, suitable infrastructure and other crucial support services, designed to help the startup companies.

StartUPS entrepreneurship

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