Watch TV Shows On The Go Through Social Cloud TV

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Watch TV Shows On The Go Through Social Cloud TV

Watch TV Shows On The Go Through Social Cloud TV

Now you can pull TV shows on your tablet or mobile phone while on go. It means that now you can watch TV shows on the go on any device.

Not only that but you’ll be able to discuss the show, whether you are on your personal tablet or smart phone, through a channel of your choice, be it video chat, voice or text.

But, how?

Through world’s first “Social Cloud TV”.

What Is Social Cloud TV?

Social Cloud TV allows you to watch TV programmes and online videos with your family and friends at the same time.

Its ‘pick up and throw back’ video feature allows your video and chat sessions to be screened wherever you go, providing continuous social engagement in today’s world.

How It Works:

The system leverages a cloud backend for media processing (e.g., video transcoding), such that the same video can be streamed into devices in the most suitable format.

When viewing a TV show or perhaps a live soccer match, you can invite family and friends to join your session, from either your phone book or social networking contact lists.

Currently patent pending, this human-computer interaction technology enables the same show on the TV or computer to be brought to mobile devices seamlessly and migrated across multiple screens (e.g., TV, laptop, smartphone and tablet) without a hitch.

“You could watch a video with your class mates on the computer, and just before you leave school, ‘pull’ the show into your tablet and continue watching on the go,” said Assistant Professor Wen.

“Upon reaching home, you could just turn on your television and ‘throw’ the video back to the TV, and continue watching the programme there.”

Best Part Is:

The social TV software will also allow users to share their own content, online videos and TV programmes with others easily over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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