New Device(Lapka) Can Monitor Invisible Things Around You

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New Device(Lapka) Can Monitor Invisible Things Around You

New Device(Lapka) Can Monitor Invisible Things Around You


Lapka is a new device that connects with your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidden qualities of your surroundings.

This device detects electromagnetic fields (EMF), which can be caused by electronic hardware, telecommunication transmitters, or nearby power lines.

It could, for instance, suggest a spot at home with the least electromagnetic pollution to help you place your bed, desk or yoga mat.

It is highly sensitive and responds to the invisible world of particles, ions, molecules and waves, so it can analyze your surroundings and smartly combine the results into guideline values for your comfort.

In Company’s Own Words:

Lapka lets you collect snapshots throughout your day in order to create a comfort diary, or share them with the rest of the planet.

See the smallest details that shape your world in order to learn about, respond to and play with them.

How It Works:

Lapka compares it’s results to average target values for each individual environment and suggests respective tolerance ranges.In other words, it doesn’t only precisely quantify, but also qualifies its measures.

The temperature and relative humidity measurements of your environment are combined and compared with their database of official (and unofficial) comfort standards. This helps you understand and change your personal climate at any moment.

Best Part Is:

It also reveals highly accurate information about the radioactivity near you and explains in detail whether and how it might be affecting you. Each particle is counted… and is vizualized.

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