Find Best Software Developer For Your Company Via Gild Source

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Find Best Software Developer For Your Company Via Gild Source

Find Best Software Developer For Your Company Via Gild Source

Gild is approaching the war for talent from a completely different angle than any other talent search service.

Most recruiting solutions merely collect résumés. Some may even aggregate social media information.

Neither approach reveals talent – but instead collect bodies and self-posted propaganda.

That’s why Gild has developed a proprietary talent plus social intelligence technology that finds the people out there; tells you who’s good (and at what) and how to engage them.

Gild Source:

Gild Source is the technology platform that helps hiring teams identify and connect with developers by revealing great candidates, how their skills map with your departmental needs, and what their interests are.

Developers – whether they are actively seeking new work or not – are located and profiled based on a multitude of criteria using Gild’s patent-pending code evaluation technology, which automatically evaluates the quality of public code and scores developers in different skills.

That, combined with rich social insights, makes it dramatically easier to build engineering teams in today’s competitive landscape.

In Company’s Own Words:

Gild Source is a recruiting solution the gives hiring managers insights into the coding skills of over a million developers plus the social insights needed to connect with them.

With this rich information, recruiters and hiring managers can dramatically improve hiring efficiency by identifying talented developers and reaching out to them on personalized terms.

Easy To Use:

Gild Source pulls code from open source then it evaluates code quality and professional knowledge shared on sites like Stack Overflow and Quora, ranks developers, and gives each developer a Gild Score.

The Gild Score is meant to be substantive – a real reflection of a developer’s skills.

Best Part Is:

Gild Source can be used by anyone involved in the process of hiring a developer. Sourcers can use it to identify talent.

Recruiters can use it to engage prospects. Hiring managers can use it to verify the strength of a prospect’s coding skills. It’s built with all members of a hiring team in mind.

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