4 Upcoming Startups

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4 Upcoming Startups

4 Upcoming Startups


SteadyFare aims to provide you loweset air ticket in the market by lock in an airfare for any amount of time up until the day of departure.

Customers who pick a range of departure/return dates pay a little more to lock in their ticket than if they had just picked a single departure and return date.

Once a customer has locked in an airfare they may buy whenever they want during the lock in period, or choose not to buy at all with absolutely no obligations or restrictions.


VideoWorkLink is a new platform that aims to help you work face to face with your peers (all in real time).

It represents a platform providing maximally natural virtual interaction while remote work.


Helpliners aims to provide you help while coding.Through this site you can connect with best experts who can solve your problems instantly.


Lingual is a new iPad application that makes language learning fun!


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