VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

If you missed this week’s posts at VisionWiz then check out few selected posts given below.

VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts


Living Junction

Living Junction is a fun and easy way to create social magazines around your hobbies and interests.

You can drag-and-drop your favorite rich media content to the pages of your magazine to bring the stories around your favorite topics alive.

Startups For SignUp

Dead Set is a mobile application with which you can create your Last Will and Testament, by importing friends and family members from your address book, and entering all your assets and things that you own that you want to bequeath when you pass away.

Useful Advertising Platform For Your Starup Company

DoubleVerify is a leading the way in online advertising verification. It increase online advertising accountability and transparency by providing agencies, marketers, publishers and ad networks with real-time audit and verification of online advertising transactions.

It combine unique world class technology with best-in-class client services, to provide a complete solution to clients’ ad verification needs.


BrightNest is a free service that helps homeowners by providing customized tips, weekly reminders and step-by-step instructions on how to care for their home.

All you need to do is just signup and then BrightNest will build a custom calendar for your home and then will deliver priority to-do’s to your dashboard and Inbox every week.

Beta Startups

Signplatform is a new beta startup that aims to help you sign any documents online.

It aims to provide you faster, cheaper and safer method of documents signing.

Its system is dedicated for companies and private users, and the process is very intuitive and simple.


Moasis is a mobile geo-centric delivery and analytic marketplace which any publishers or developers can use.

All you need to do is just put its code into your mobile web pages or applications and Moasis serves pay-per-impression local Ads directly to your users.


Noodlecrumbs creates an opportunity to match up those with good ideas with those who have the skills to bring those ideas to fruition.

When submitted to the site, these ideas have 30 days to attract funding from others who also want to see the idea come to life, as well as proposals from people or organizations that can actually build them.

At the end of 30 days, those who funded the idea get to vote on a winning proposal, which receives all the money raised to create the idea.


SmartAsset provides answers to your important financial questions. They recommend specific strategies and illustrate all of your options, so you can make smarter decisions about your financial life.

SmartAsset’s powerful financial modeling tool will show you the strategy that is right for you, allow you to compare alternatives and walk you through complicated decisions, step by step.

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