9 Unique Social Ways To Explore Internet

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9 Unique Social Ways To Explore Internet

9 Unique Social Ways To Explore Internet


VideoModelPics, is a social network for models, actors, dancers, extras, photographers, agents, directors and students. Models, actors, dancers, musicians, photographers, agents, directors students and extras can create profiles on the site, with the opportunity to get jobs and share media like videos, blog entries and pictures.

They have an array of features from forums, games, video chatrooms to video blogs and diaries, a points system where users are rewarded for using the site and can use these earnings to buy items.


FilmCrave.com is a unique social networking site dedicated to movies and movie lovers. As a niche based social media site, they allow users to create top movie lists, write movie reviews – while at the same time integrating with social networking functions.


SodaHead is a community that offers a free and dynamic environment to share and gather opinions and meet friends – a place to ask questions, express ideas, and connect with like and not-so-like friends… SodaHeads, as we call them.


Tibesti lets you read unbiased reviews from real experts, socialize and make new friends while earning cash, and much more.

Tibesti is a unique online destination for social shopping. They provide users with the ability to recommend and sell their favorite products online and receive 50% of the proceeds in return through our social product networking platform, myTibesti.


WorldSings.com is a new concept in music and social networking. Musicians and bands all over the globe can link their original music videos on the website, and members can vote for their favorite songs as well as interact with the artists and their friends.

Artists and members will create their own profiles with their original materials.


GirlGamer is the definitive social network & video game lifestyle site for female gamers featuring news, reviews, profiles, forums, and more, focused on creating a better space for both gamers and the industry.


Hub Culture is a social collective open to those who believe in open perspectives: intelligent, global, socially progressive people who understand that the world has moved beyond demographics and nationalities to be a more fluid and collaborative place.

They believe that collaboration is the way forward, the world runs on networks, and that by working together, they can shift the balance of power in society to achieve greater good. It illuminate and integrate to elevate.


Zumeo is a career discovery tool and professional social network. Build a Live Resumé, discover your strengths through our assessment tool, and get matched to relevant jobs.

Then get connected with your friends, colleagues, and other important people.


Youniverse, is the new social discovery website, which defines its users’ VisualDNA. It is enabling them to learn more about themselves and connect to people that share their interests.

Users can discover more about their individual Visual DNA, simply by taking part in a simple picture based personality quiz.

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