Top 4: Startups From Triangle Startup Factory

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Top 4: Startups From Triangle Startup Factory

Triangle Startup Factory, is an accelerator platform based in the southeast, runs an intensive, three month program customized for early stage startup companies.

Trinangle accelerator platform provides startups $50,000 in seed capital, hands-on mentorship, and access to their ever-widening network of active angels, veteran startup founders, and experienced technology experts.

Top 4 Startups From Triangle Startup Factory


ArchiveSocial automates recordkeeping of your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn activity so that you can focus on being social.


Ruzuku focus on the features you need to deliver an engaging learning experience for your students.


Arcametrics transforms data into intelligence.The Arcametrics data platform brings private and public data sources together to enhance products and extend marketing communications programs to include all available consumer information without violating privacy


RxAnalytics aims to provide you powerful data analysis which you can use in improving your fitness and health.

RxAnalytics provides actionable feedback to allow the individual to optimize training, supplementation and nutrition for maximal performance.


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