VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

In case you missed this week’s posts at VisionWiz then check out few selected posts given below.

VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts


Dropifi is a web based messaging platform that allows companies to easily visualize, manage, and respond to incoming enquiries from existing and potential clients.

The Dropifi Inbox automatically categorizes incoming messages based on rules and filters you set.

With Dropifi analytics, you can extract meaning and gain immediate understanding into your interactions seamlessly.



Thumbtack helps you get the job done at the time and place you want, with someone you know you can trust.

Thumbtack isn’t like typical local search directories that simply return business listings with ratings and reviews, leaving you no better off than the paper Yellow Pages.

Instead, Thumbtack gives you the ability to vet, contact and book service professionals the moment you find them.

Must Use Business Apps(Web) For Working Professionals

iDesk allows you to make flow charts, org charts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, take notes, sketches and do other diagrams with no constrains.

Draw a shape, type a text, stylize it choosing from 50+ Fonts. Rotate it, duplicate it.

You can use iDesk to make professional diagrams, brainstorm, take notes in class, solve a problem or make a presentation, explaining your ideas through complex schemes with no effort at all.(*VGA Output).


Grantoo offers you the chance to win educational grants and contribute to causes you care about – without cutting into your pizza budget.

They partner with local colleges and national brands to sponsor free game tournaments. Contestants win tuition grants, rewards, and donations to their favorite causes.

Grantoo empowers its members by letting them steer. You pick a charity and pledge a percentage of your winnings to that cause.


Buyvite allows multiple people to contribute individual funds to a single transaction.

First of all you’ll need to have a Buyvite Account. You can sign up through Facebook or Create an account.

You will then have the option of creating a Buyvite telling them who you would like to collect money from and how much you would like from each person.


Ness is a new way to discover places you’ll love based on your unique tastes. It learns what you like – and what you don’t – to deliver restaurant recommendations that are just right for you.


CollegeBudget is an exclusive college student-only shopping network.

CollegeBudget negotiates huge discounts– usually 50-90% off at popular businesses.

They send these deals to thousands of students in their free daily email, which sends businesses a ton of good publicity and new customer.

NorthStar is a new platform that monitors the safety, security, well-being and location of children and buses.

NorthStar consists of hardware, software and machines that work together to deliver value to customers.

NorthStar works by capturing location, spatial, vector and scalar data from devices implanted in buses or carried by children.

It’s custom-built devices transmit data to the control center over GPRS every 5 seconds.

At the control center, a set of powerful, patent-pending algorithms analyze millions of packets of data every second, thus providing customers with up-to-the minute information about the safety, security and well-being of their buses or children.

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