Travellers Can Get Huge Reward For Delivering Goods Via mmMule

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Travellers Can Get Huge Reward For Delivering Goods Via mmMule

Now locals can get anything they want from anywhere in the world, like a hard to find item of clothing from the U.S., a boutique bottle of wine from France or a craved food item from South America.


Via (mmMule).

What Is mmMule?

mmMule is a social travel network that connects locals who want stuff with travellers who can deliver it.

In Company’s Own Words:

mmMule allows travellers to use a part of their vacation to deliver urgently needed supplies – like clothing, food, sporting goods or used electronics – to organisations in need.

In return for delivery travellers are rewarded with cultural experiences – like stays with local families, intimate tours of local sights, volunteering opportunities – or just a big hug.

Easy To Use:

See what locals want and what’s on offer in return for delivery. Choose from awesome rewards like a night out on the town, a tour of their favorite local spots, great local tips or even a place to crash for a few nights.

You’ll be able to browse profiles and read reviews from other members before you decide whom you’d like to meet.

Then simply message a local and offer to deliver their item.

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