Got a Startup Idea? Need Funding? Then Try

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Got a Startup Idea? Need Funding? Then Try


Fundable is a new crowdfunding platform that aims to help startup companies to raise funds.

They help entrepreneurs find idea stage capital by presenting great ideas in front of interested backers.

In Company’s Own Words:

Fundable makes the process of reaching out and raising capital far more effective.

Startups can now present their ideas in a clear, public manner and solicit funding from any source for any amount.

Easy To Use:

Startups create a funding profile that provides an overview of their company, their fundraising goals, and the rewards they are willing to provide potential backers.

Thereafter, they reach out to their personal networks as well as the broader Fundable community to enlist their support.

Backers can offer their support in the form of cash pledges starting at $1 in exchange for rewards provided by the Startup.

Rewards can range from a company t-shirt to a special advisory board position with the company itself.

Backers may also offer personal assistance to the startup. This could be a key introduction made to a potential customer or an offer to write some code for their application.

Each offer is 100% voluntary by the Backer and free to the Startup, but helps get the startup off the ground.

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