Get Awesome Food For Your Employees Via Zero Cater

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Get Awesome Food For Your Employees Via Zero Cater

Zero Cater:

ZeroCater aims to help companies to feed their employees by sourcing meals from the best local restaurants and chefs.

Easy To Use:

All you need to do is just tell them when you would like food, how many people will be eating, and whether anyone has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Then ZeroCater orders meals for you from a rotation of more than 90 great local restaurants, caterers and private chefs.

Best Part Is:

Best part is that you can also rate the meals that arrive so ZeroCater can learn your tastes and adjust what kind of food they send you.

For example, you can tell them what you want in lunch from Monday through Wednesday for 100 people, including 20 vegetarians, 6 vegans and 3 who requested gluten-free meals.

Their dedicated team of foodies will craft custom orders at dozens of great restaurants and rotate them through your schedule.

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