Find Location Based Events Via Your iPhone Apps (Time to Enjoy)

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Find Location Based Events  Via Your iPhone Apps (Time to Enjoy)

Time to Enjoy has transformed your mobile phone calendar into a search engine for events.


Time To Enjoy helps you discover events in a matter of seconds using your mobile device.

Simply tap to search for events based on your date, time, location, search radius and personal preferences.

In Company’s Own Words:

Time to Enjoy is a new platform where event providers connect with people looking for events.

Easy To Use:

The first time you open Time to Enjoy, you will see a splash screen; and then you will be asked to use your current location.

If you tap, “OK”, you will be able to search using your current location . If you tap, “Don’t Allow” you will need to manually select a City or Zip code to perform a search.

After performing a search, scroll to find something interesting and tap the event to view details. The Event Details page has all the necessary information including the event name, date, time, description, location, directions, pictures, trailer links, web links and ticket purchase options.

After performing a search and viewing details, click the “Add to My Calendar” button. If you have multiple calendars (work, personal, exchange account, etc.) pick one or leave the pre-selected default and tap “Add to My Calendar”.

Once confirmed, the event will be viewable and editable in both Time to Enjoy and your iPhone’s native calendar.

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