7 Most Useful Twitter Based Services

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7 Most Useful Twitter Based Services

7 Most Useful Twitter Based Services


TweetMyJOBS gives a job seeker instant notification of a new job that is specific to the geographic location and job type that the person is looking for.

Job seekers instantly receive a text message when a company posts a new job on one of TweetMyJobs.com Job Channels.


Schedule your twitter posts with this new tool named SchduleYourPost.com.

You can automatically send out scheduled tweets as frequent as every 5 minutes.

All you need to do is to click a button to authorize their application to connect to your account.


TidyTweet works behind the scenes to prevent unwanted surprises from showing up on your website.

After creating an account and setting up a feed, you can blacklist or whitelist specific handles, approve Tweets manually or automatically, and create a customized word filter to avoid annoying – or embarrassing – situations.


Foller.me is a Twitter service that can provide you with the most detailed information about a specific Twitter user in the least amount of time!

You input a Twitter name into the searchbox and hit enter. Foller.me gets access to the profile of that user via the Twitter API, scans all the public info and the latest 200 tweets!


TwitVid aims to share videos straight to Twitter. TwitVid is the only Twitter video service that allows instant playback.

It is adding video to the most popular Twitter iPhone app and making it even more fun to communicate with the people that are important to you.


LilZo.Com is a Twitter search engine, and real-time search resource.With LiZo.com you can search & find anything within Twitter platform.It provide users with the most relevant results directly from the Twitosphere.


TweetBookz allows anyone to print high quality books composed of tweets from any Twitter account.

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