Get the Right Licenses for Your Business Via License123

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Get the Right Licenses for Your Business Via License123

If you own a business or are thinking about starting a business then License123 is for you.


With License123, you can save time and money. Instead of contacting each of the local, state and federal government offices and spending hours online and on the phone, they will immediately tell you what licenses you must have to be compliant and how much it is going to cost you.

In Company’s Own Words:

License123 is a unique research service to help existing and new businesses discover which permits and licenses they need in order to be compliant with their local, state and federal government.

How It Works:

License123 would help you identify your required (and optional) licenses and the estimated application and license fees associated with them.

And then they would provide you a report with all the information you need to complete and file these applications and be fully compliant.

License123 does not file or send the applications on your behalf. They however, provide you with all the information and details you need in order to complete and file the application quickly and with minimal effort.

Best Part Is:

You will also find the application deadline and any applicable renewal information you need to know.

If the license can be filed electronically, they will provide you direct links to the online forms and applications.

All that information will be customized and packaged based on your own business and location requirements.

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