Get Quick Solution To Your Traveling Problems Via AskCake

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Get Quick Solution To Your Traveling Problems Via AskCake

We face many kind of problems while traveling to new places.


So, do you want to find out some quick solution to your travling problems?

If yes?

Then check out AskCake.

What is AskCake?

AskCake forms a closed network of individuals who can help one another in finding their exact solution to their travel queries.

In Company’s Own Words:

AskCake helps in finding the relevant experts/locals for your queries in near real time and provides you with the perfect answer all inside your chat window.

Share your information to those in need and get the information you need from those who have it. Asking and getting information is now just a piece of cake.

How It Works:

The users having queries are connected with people who have the relevant information about the place using the AskCake bot.

The bot scans for keywords in the question and asks the relevant users to answer in their chat window.

The users who have the relevant information and are relatively free to answer will respond to the bot, therefore to the asker.

A user who asked a particular query can have personalised chat with the user who answered it in a way which helped the asker.

Best Part Is:

Users are also given points & will be given special coupons from their local business partners whenever they answer queries.

All users will be eligible for receiving general deal coupons when they use their bot service to post and answer queries.

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