Access Company Resources Anywhere Via iSimplyConnect

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Access Company Resources Anywhere Via iSimplyConnect

No need to wait for your laptop to “boot up”. Work smarter with instant, direct access from your iPad and access your business information at any time.For instance, remote VPN access to fileshares, sharepoint, CRM systems like SAP and Oracle etc.


Via iSimplyConnect.

What Is iSimplyConnect?

iSimplyConnect allows you to instantly access files, folders and shared tools like Salesforce and Sharepoint on your ipad.

With their secure, smart, VPN technology you’ll have everything you need to increase productivity.

In Company’s Own Words:

iSimplyConnect provides direct access to your company shared resources via iPad.

iSimplyConnect provides secure VPN access without the need for any hardware or expensive maintenance costs.

Easy To Use:

A quick and simple set up allows you to access your office network with enterprise class security.

Once it got set up on your ipad then you can automatically connects when you need to access company resources, no complicated process to get connected or settings to change.

Unlike other solutions, such as LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, Teamviewer or Crossloop, iSimplyConnect is not an uncontrolled ’screen scrape’ solution.

Best Part Is:

With iSimplyConnect, there is no need to leave office PC’s powered on just so you can remotely access your work.

Cheap To Use:

A VPN on iPad for only $15 a month!

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