Tradesparq-New Social Network for Global Trade

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Tradesparq-New Social Network for Global Trade

Tradesparq is a new social networking site exclusively for global trade.

Tradesparq is a B2B community of trade professionals including volume suppliers, volume buyers, and trade service providers

In Company’s Own Words:

It aims to match volume buyers and suppliers plus trade service providers based on profile, shared relationships, product category, and industry

How It Works:

Tradesparq has hundreds of thousands of products posted by suppliers from around the world.

When you conduct a search on Tradesparq the results will be returned by relevance plus your relationship to the product, person, or service that you are searching for.

You may search, send inquiries, “like”, or comment on products throughout the site.

Fill out a profile and they’ll even find matching products for you.

You may also connect with or follow the suppliers posting the products.

Once connected, you’ll receive real-time updates of the supplier’s activity, including latest products posted.

Best Part Is:

All of your connections’ updates, new products, special offers, news, and more will be available to you automatically and in real time.

And you can track the activity of all your trade partners from one location.

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