Top 6 Startups From Demo Asia Event

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Top 6 Startups From Demo Asia Event

First Demo Asia event organized by VB team in Singapore.

The inaugural DEMO Asia is the launchpad for emerging technology and trends.

This is a premier platform for the best and brightest companies throughout the continent seeking to launch their products in front of a global audience.

It is also an excellent launchpad for companies throughout the world hoping to launch in the Asian marketplace.

Here are our pick of startups from the event.

Top 6 Startups From Demo Asia Event


FlexiRoam is a new site that aims to help you to make and receive international roaming calls on your mobile while overseas for free or a flat rate per day.

All you need to do is just activate FlexiRoam right before you depart your home country.

Once activated, all calls will be forwarded to your Flexi Number (sent to you in the email after you bought a roaming pass), which means you will not receive any calls until you insert the overseas SIM card at the destination.


Teamie is combining the power of social networking to education to make learning collaborative and fun.

Teamie aims to improve the learning process by enabling teams of learners collaborate and learn from each other.

Teamie brings together the key capabilities required for learning management, social collaboration, analytics and student management into one single platform.


DropMySite is a free service that lets you backup your website automatically easily.


On GameMaki, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with like-minded people with the same passion for doing the things you love.

With GameMaki, you can challenge your friends and even yourself to see new places, listen to new music, try cooking a new recipe – the possibilities are endless.

And when you or your friends complete challenges by sharing your new experiences through photos or comments, they reward you by giving you points and special badges which you can show off proudly – and also exchange them for real world rewards from their partners.


Hoiio aims to help you connect to any phones globally, with just a few lines of code.

Hoiio API provides developers with access to voice and SMS services in their applications.

It means that now you can extend the reach of your applications into the traditional telephone network easily at no startup cost.

With Hoiio API, you can make or receive phone calls, send SMS,create interactive voice response (IVR) menus and create call conferences.


Fun in Ecological Tech Textile (FIETTTM) which specialises in the production and sale of new and cutting-edge tech textile goods that are also eco-friendly.

It is coming out with a new technology ISGLOVESTM, touch screen snow mittens which caters to the needs of many facing a difficulty optimising use of their touch screen gadgets outdoors during winter.

How Its Technology Works:

ISGLOVESTM, which is patent pending technology, allows users to use their touch screens while keeping their hand really warm.

The inner gloves of ISGLOVESTM is encapsulated in a mitten cap which offers enhanced protection from extreme cold temperatures as the warmth is retained between the fingers for a more effective insulation.

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