Create a Link Between Online & Offline Content Via Touchcode

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Create a Link Between Online & Offline Content Via Touchcode

Touchcode is an invisible electronic date tag that can be printed on nearly any surface – including paper, carton or foil – to establish a link between online and offline communications.

Consumers simply place a printed product with the embedded data tag on the screen of their device.

Then an app or website can instantly open up content, such as videos, websites, photos and more.

Touchcode tags can even be used to validate the authenticity of a ticket or a packaged product.

In Company’s Own Words:

Touchcode makes it easy to link multi-touch smartphones and tablets with printed materials.

Easy To Use:

User simply needs a multi-touchsmartphone or tablet and an app or web app that correlates with the printed material.

Placing the document on the device’s screen will automatically trigger the device to access and play the coordinating content.

Best Part Is:

There is no need for a camera, a Near Field Communication device or hardware modifications – just a regular touchscreen device and a Touchcode-imprinted document will do the trick.

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