VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

In case you missed this week’s posts at VisionWiz then check out few selected posts given below.

VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts


Eyeconit is the first iPhone apps icons scanner. With eyeconit, you can get apps by simply taking a picture of any app icon at another friend’s iPhone, iPad or iPod, or from any internet site and magazine.

Eyeconit only provides the ability to scan from other sources to your iPhone. Although you can always tell your friend to download Eyeconit and let them scan your apps.


NextPunch is the easiest way to clock in/out online for your employees. For manager it’s an easy way to see where, when and what employees are working on as well as running payroll.

NextPunch would provide you a customized link ( for your employees and you to access the system.

There you’ll be able to see who’s working, where and on what.

Once your payroll period ends, simply log back into NextPunch and run a report to total up the hours so you can cut the checks.

Apps For Busy Working Professionals To Lead Healthy Lifestyle

Fooducate analyzes information found in each product’s nutrition panel, shows you highlights on the product and offers better alternatives.

Fooducate gets its product information directly from manufacturers and from helpful users just like you.


SendHub is a text messaging service that aims to solve some real problems for businesses, educators etc.

It’s kind of reminder messaging service that aims to help you to send messages to anybody at any place and from any platform.

By using their service you can send texts to individuals and groups of any size to let them inform about the services you have .

Smart Apps To Use

Highlight aims to find people around you, showing you hidden connections and making your day more fun on Valentine day.


If someone standing near you also has Highlight apps is loaded on their phone then their profile will show up on your phone.

You can see their name, photos of them, mutual friends, and anything else they have chosen to share.

Ninja Blocks

Ninja Blocks is a new innovative open source hardware based on online web service Ninja Cloud that aims to communicate with your favorite apps.

With a built-in accelerometer and thermometer, a Ninja Block can sense its environment.

With external sensors, Ninja Blocks can sense current, humidity, motion, distance, sound, light and even capture video.

Each Ninja Block comes withs a built in RGB LED for notifications.

Four expansion ports allow your Ninja Block to affect its surroundings by controlling lights, infra-red, relays, motors, and other actuators.


Drippler is a new platform that aims to aggregate information about upcoming gadgets.

By using their platform you will find all the relevant information regarding upcoming gadgets at one place.

All you have to do is just sign up and choose the gadgets you have and ones you want, and Drippler will take care of the rest.

20 Smart Ways To Find Answers For Any Questions

Wiki-based Q&A

WikiAnswers is a wiki-based Q&A project powered by contributors from all walks of life. Anyone can ask, answer or edit questions, building a global Q&A database, covering all topics. On WikiAnswers, users can ask a question on any topic and get a cooperatively written, human-generated answer.

WikiAnswers is not an encyclopedia, it’s a question-and-answer system. They encourage everyone to add to and improve each other’s answers instead of asking and answering the same questions over and over again.

Alternative Q&A

Alternative aims to provide as many alternative answers as possible for your regular problems. In other words, it’s a browser that compares similar items while adjusting the results to your preference.

Alternatives are items that could be used for the same or similar purpose. These could be phones, restaurants, vacation spots or cars – the possibilities are endless.

Easiest Way to Save Your Energy Bills Via

Power2switch is the first company dedicated to linking residents and small businesses to electricity suppliers using a web-based portal.

Power2Switch’s goal is to inform users how to tap into renewable sources of energy if they are particularly interested in shrinking their energy and emissions footprints.

Using its website consumers can view, assess and sign up for competitive power price contracts from eligible power suppliers.

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