Now You Can Communicate With Your Device Via Twingz

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Now You Can Communicate With Your Device Via Twingz

We got a chance to explore new beta startups(Twingz) that’s quite unique in its functioning.

This new startup(Twingz) wants to create a new world where any device(things) can communicate with us.

Things – for example electric devices – are enriched with communication features.

Users on the go can check back state and healthiness of devices that sit at home.

How It Would Work:

In this set up any devices can actively pop up with urgent news (e.g. stove overheat, fridge getting warm, espresso needs decalcifying).

It means that now on wards you need not to worry about your devices as they would let you inform about their conditions itself .

Best Part Is:

Users would able to interact with devices via twitter, facebook, twingz, SMS, etc.

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