Share Images from Tv Shows That You’re Watching Via UmamiTv

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Share Images from Tv Shows That You’re Watching Via UmamiTv

Now users can share image of their favorite tv moments, actors, recipes, products and more, in real-time, while they watch (on tv).


Via UmamiTv’s FreezeFrame Apps.

What Is Umami Tv’s FreezeFrame Apps?

New York-based startup Umami TV’s free companion TV app for the iPad are designed to make the conversation around TV more visual, fun and accessible for TV viewers.

Umami automatically recognizes what you’re watching and brings you photos, bios, news, gossip and conversation while you watch.

FreezeFrame Apps:

“FreezeFrame” allows users to instantly capture and share images from the shows they’re watching with their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Smart Feature:

It’s new social TV dashboard would visualizes the conversation occurring around a TV show as it unfolds.

Users can see how many people are talking about the show with real-time infographics.

Best Part Is:

The app also automatically identifies the most popular links and tweets that are trending around a show.

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