Find Cheapest Flight Deals Via FlightFox

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Find Cheapest Flight Deals Via FlightFox

No need to search flight deals for your next trip.


Because your flight hackers would find you best and cheapest flight deals.


Via Flighfox.

What Is Flightfox?

Flightfox is a platform for crowd-sourced flight search that aims to find you cheapest airfare deal.

In Company’s Own Words:

Flightfox is all about pointing you in the direction of the best flights and cheapest deals through their human assisted experts.

Easy To Use:

All you need to do is just start a contest, commit a finder’s fee, and then their flight experts respond with the best flights they can find.

The finder’s fee motivates their experts to find you the best flight.

The flight hackers who post flights to your contest should give you clear booking instructions.

Flightfox contests are a little like auctions.

Most of the action happens at the end. Don’t be too disappointed by the first response.

The first flight is usually the base price directly off or They post a base price to effectively “start the bidding”.

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