VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

In case you missed this week’s posts at VisionWiz then check out few selected posts given below.

VisionWiz’s Weekly Round Up Posts

MailBeep is a fantastic service that allows you to easily notify recipients by SMS text message about emails you’ve sent. will also notify you by SMS text message about email you received to your email account. You can also send SMS text messages from any email account to any mobile phone.


UpNext’s 3 D maps takes mapping to the next level with rich visual detail and personalized options.

UpNext 3d Cities offers tappable buildings, detailed venue information, reviews, fun personalization options, and up-to-date subway lines.

While using its apps you can get real-time 3d map view of any city on your mobile.


Dub is your mobile business card and provides a simple, smart way to stay connected.

DUB gives you a simple, smart way to exchange business contact information from your mobile phone.

The contact data loads directly to your mobile address book and updates automatically whenever a contact changes information (phone, email, address, etc.).

DUB eliminates the need to swap, save, enter or update business card data.You setup DUB by connecting to all your email accounts, social networks, and mobile phones.

DUB consolidates all your contacts in to your personal, cloud address book, keeps them all up-to-date, and makes them accessible everywhere!.

All you need to do is just download the DUB app to your mobile phone and they’ll automatically add your phones’ contacts into your DUB address book.

Instant Wordpress

Instant WordPress is a version of WordPress that runs on your own Windows machine so that you can learn, test and develop WordPress websites quickly and easily.

Instant WordPress wraps an entire web server into a simple to use interface so that you can start, stop and use WordPress very easily.

Instant WordPress comes complete with it’s own built in Apache web server, PHP and MySQL installations that are started and stopped automatically.

Instant WordPress does not add anything to your systems registry or otherwise. It is entirely portable and runs from with the folder where it is installed.

Lucky Ant

Lucky Ant is the first ever hyper local crowd funding platform.

Lucky Ant brings you one business every week that needs help funding a project. When they post a project, it has 7 days to reach its fundraising goal.

When the goal is reached, Lucky Ant unlocks the funds, and the business can fund the project.


Must Use Platforms For Publishers & Authors

BookRix is an online destination where authors can showcase their work.All you need is a web browser to easily publish and showcase your work.

Registered users would get a chance to design their own personal profile page while using this platform.

This gives users the opportunity to create their own books, recommend their favorite literature and promote themselves as authors and/or readers.

Smart Tools For Online Billing For Your Company

PayDivvy allows users to pay, send, or share individual or group bills through a simple online and mobile interface.Your personal information, bank information and credit card information is never shared.

If you want to split your bill among your social networking friends or divvy memebers then you have to create a Divvy.Then enter a title, description and an optional due date for the divvy.

After that just enter the total amount of the bill that will be split among the divvy members To add members to the divvy click Add Member and enter the name of the contact or group, or enter a member’s email address in the field.

Ways To Manage Marketing & Sales Leads In Your Startup

ReadyContacts offers B2B marketing database management solutions to companies to empower sales and marketing organizations with accurate, current and complete lead databases.

Solve Your Real Problems

ComplainApp makes it easy to find other people with similar complaints and join together to make your voices heard.

This apps would keep track of your complaints and responses, and helps you follow up until you get the resolution you want.

The idea is that ComplainApp makes it easy for you to actually do something about what bothers you, and then move on with enjoying life.

All you have to do is just join this site with your twitter a/c and send your complaint via its apps.

Then ComplainApp makes sure that your complaint reach to the correct place on Twitter (where they really answer), and galvanizes the community of ComplainApp users to re-tweet your complaint to make more noise for you.

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