Now You Can Sign Your Contract Online Via Signsquid

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Now you can ignore your printer, scanner, and fax machine.


Because now Signsquid could do all the task.

What Is Signsquid?

Signsquid aims to help you gets your contracts signed faster.Signsquid uses a secret link and a unique code to guarantee your signatories—and no one else—can sign your contract.

In Company’s Own Words:

Signsquid is a simple and organized way to manage your contracts without getting trapped in red tape.Signsquid also lets you present a professional, trustworthy image to your clients.

Easy To Use:

All you have to do is just upload your document, invite your signatories, and you’re ready to go.

Once Signsquid signatures have been applied to a document, it will be impossible to modify that document in any way.

Signsquid will send you seal of authenticity that allows you to verify the integrity of your documents while they are stored on their servers.

Smart Approach:

Signsquid is the only platform that authenticates signatories in two ways—through an identity link sent by email and an identity code given to the signatories by phone.

Here is a video demo

Signsquid – EN from Signsquid on Vimeo.

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