Find Friends Via Your WiFi Connection

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Find Friends Via Your WiFi Connection

Now your friendly neighbors might invite you to have a beer or ask you to share your internet access for a monthly payment.


Through this new platform called

What Is is a new way of getting in touch with people around you via your wifi connection.

Everyone within your wifi coverage will now be able to contact you by entering your url in their browser window.

How It Works:

First of all log in with your Google or Facebook account.Then choose your url.

After that just go to the settings of your wireless router or modem.

Now change your wifi network’s name to your url. (You need to change the SSID of your wireless router or modem.)Your wifi network should look like this now:

By setting up your own url (like, you’ll give anyone in your wifi range the opportunity to contact you without them knowing who you are and where you live.

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Interesting idea.

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