Discover events based on your location

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Discover events based on your location

Now you can easily give your attendees a mobile tool for networking them at you event.


Via Wellknown Startup.

With this startup you can reach out to your attendees in a more personal way — wherever they are. Help them know when things change and keep track of attendance.


Wellknow would help you in finding an event nearby your location and according to your interest.You can attend and meet up with peers, and develop your network in all events.


Smart Features:

You can discover nearby events, stay tuned to upcoming events of your interest.

You can find up-to-date information about all events you are attending. Anytime, anywhere!

Find and connect to recommended professionals according to your interests.

Even you can keep track of all events you have attended and keep in touch with the people you met.

Here Is A Video Demo:

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