Create Your Own Private Network Over Internet Via Remobo

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Create Your Own Private Network Over Internet Via Remobo

Remobo is a free program that helps you to connect with your friends computers together over Internet.


Remobo allows you to instantly create your own private “Network” from any computers that you & your buddies login to, and it allows you to run any standalone or networking application among your computers in the “Network”.

How It Works:

Every registered Remobo User have their own “Instant Private Network” (IPN). For example, when a Remobo User logs in from any computer that have the Remobo program installed, that computer becomes a member in your IPN.

You can log in from multiple computers at the same time, and all logged-in computers are members of yours IPN, which means all of your computers are connected to each other as if all these computers are on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

You can connect your friend’s PC with yours, by adding your friends as Buddies in Remobo; All you need to do is to click on the “menu” button at the bottom of Remobo window, then choose “Add a Buddy” menu item and type in your friend’s Remob ID on the screen. When you hit “OK”, a Buddy-Invitation is sent to your friend’s Remobo program.

Next time when your friend runs Remobo, or if they’re currently logged in on Remobo, they will get a notification of your-Buddy Invitation. Once they accept your Invitation, their PCs will be connected to yours, as if your friend is sitting next to you on the same Local Area Network

Best Part Is:

A computer is member of Remobo User’s IPN only for the duration of their Remobo login session. For example, when you logs off Remobo from any of your computers, that logged-off computer is taken off from your IPN network. And no data about you is left behind on that logged-off computer.

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