Meet Professionals Anywhere, Anytime Via Mingle

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Meet Professionals Anywhere, Anytime Via Mingle

In case if you missed our previous review of Mingle at VisionWiz.Then check out quick official launch( of Mingle) given below.

Mingle, a free iPhone app that allows professionals to digitally introduce themselves anywhere they are by revealing one part of their profile: their occupation, skill set or education background.

Founded in August 2011, Mingle is based on where you are and who you are. Users are allowed to introduce themselves anywhere they go with hopes of discovering and creating new business relationships.

Andy Kim, CEO and Co-Founder, Mingle, said meeting professionals shouldn’t be left up to chance.

“We believe that any of your professional connections today have been made truly by serendipity. Basically, most people don’t have control over who they meet,” Kim said.

“With Mingle, we are trying to replace serendipity and allow people to see and meet a variety of professionals they may need anywhere, anytime.”

So how does it work?

First, you log in with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Mingle then pulls your profile and allows you to choose which part of your profile you want to use as your introduction. It also gives you the ability to edit the introduction because, in reality, what you want to be introduced at from place to place could be different.

Then you can select a Place to introduce yourself. Users can choose from local places or events. If you can’t find one you are looking for, there’s an option to create a Location. Once you have introduced yourself, you can quickly connect with other professionals who have made introductions near you, sorted by the closest.

According to Kim, your name and any personal information is not shared because, “your name isn’t worth remembering unless there’s something interesting about you … why use up real estate on a small screen to show something irrelevant? The broadcast of your personal information should be controlled by none other than you,” he said. And if you are intrigued by a nearby user, you can ask them a question through an in-app messaging feature. You also can send “likes, smiles” and more.

“By surfacing human relevance, Mingle provides a convincing context for introductions,” Kim said. “In other words, Mingle lets you see how relevant the people around you are, and then meet the people you actually want to meet. It’s like social x-ray glasses for professionals.”

Kim said that Mingle’s simplicity is its strength. “By allowing users to only select a single profile section as their introduction, the amount of information is easily tapered and controlled,” he said, noting that Mingle takes privacy and security concerns very seriously. “Ultimately, it’s up to the user as to how private or open they choose to be.”

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