License Music Directly From Your Own Websites Via LicenseQuote

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License Music Directly From Your Own Websites Via LicenseQuote

LicenseQuote is not a music publisher, library or stock music owner, but a service which provides an affordable and easy to manage e-commerce solution that helps independent musicians, publishers and libraries organize and license their music directly from their own websites.

LicenseQuote provides various subscription plans which gives publishers full control over their license offerings and pricing from their own branded store.

In Company’s Own Words:

The LicenseQuote service provides a powerful array of publishing and licensing tools for music publishers to set up and manage their own branded Licensing Store.

Your Licensing Store is a private label solution that allows you to publish your own brand names including: Licensing Store Name, Publisher name and various artist, album, band and library names, etc.

Cute Feature:

You can link your tracks to launch your player when a user clicks the track’s Preview button in your store.

Since they support external linking to your files and player pages, you can use any kind of private or commercial flash or other kind of music player (e.g. SoundCloud,, Reverbnation and even YouTube videos) on the market regardless of format for your Preview files.

Best Part Is:

LicenseQuote is not a publisher or music library.It means that all users would keep 100% of all their licensing sales revenues to themselves.

Pricing Plan:

For music publishers, the LQ 75 plan starts at $100/year which includes storage for 75 songs in both Master and Preview file formats, unlimited brands, genres, subgenres and rate card licensing profiles, plus a banner image or flash file used for your Licensing Store.

The ’storage NOT included’ option costs $45 per year and lets publishers link to their music files on their own server or other file storage services. LicenseQuote subscription members also keep 100% of all their licensing sales revenues!

Here is a video demo

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