Can you delete any sent messages or pics from other person’s cellphone?

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Can you delete any sent messages or pics from other person’s cellphone?

In the time of mobile age, we send and receive information as fast as speed of light.

So, how many text messages or pics do you send everyday to your friends?

N times?

And how many times your sent messages get misused? Many times?

Why? Because you had a fight over something with your boyfriend, and suddenly your friend started blackmailing you, because he have some nasty messages in his cellphone.

In such a situation,what will you do?

No options ? How about destroying your sent text messages and pics from his cell phone?

Confused? How?

Well, try this new service named TigerText.Tigertext would help you to destroy your sent messages or pics after certain time. Its just as you have a remote button in your hand, that you can use,if you want to delete any sent messages or pics from other person’s cellphone.


Using TigerText, the sender controls when the message is deleted. Tigertext gives you the privacy of your text messages and pics!

Easy To Use:

TigerText shows the status of each message with small icons. When a message is received, the sender will see an orange box with a check. When a message is opened by the recipient, the sender will see a green circle with a check. When the message expires, the sender and recipient will see tiger paws walking across the screen. The sender determines how long a message will live. Once a message’s lifespan expires, it will be deleted from the sender’s device, the recipient’s device and all servers.

Best Part Is:

TigerText displays expired messages in your timeline with “Tiger Tracks”, giving you the peace of mind that no one will stumble upon what’s already been discussed.

TigerText currently works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

Visionwiz’s Views:

Considering the misuse of mms and text messages by nasty peoples.This tool certainly come handy for cell phone users. To control and destroy their personal sent text messages and pics.


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