Where are the best parties are happening?Know through Sponto

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Where are the best parties are happening?Know through Sponto

Imagine if your smartphone could act like a social sensor.


Actually,we have spotted a new mobile apps(Sponto) that aims to turn your smartphones into a social sensor.


Sponto detects when people come together. It works best when used by people who have an interest in common and are likely to bump into each other in the real world like DC week party or a college campus.Sponto attempting to crowd-source what’s happening now, at any given parties, in real time.

In other words, Sponto aims to show you where the action is: Where are the best parties are happening? What’s everybody doing? What’s happening inside before I wait in line?

In Company’s Own Words:

Sponto is an app to publish, discover and share events what’s happening you in real time.

How It Works:

Sponto aggregates everybody’s location information and notices when a group of more than three people are in close proximity for more than 15 minutes.

This works best out of doors.For now, when an event is detected you’ll see the message “Sponto detected” in the feed and the name of each person added.

Easy To Use:

All you have to do is just click the the big orange button to publish events and parties you’re attending. You can join or add facebook friends to join in the conversation and upload photographs.

Best Part Is

Sponto detects and publishes a special event if you are near a big group of other users for some time.

More at:http://sponto.com/



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