Use Your Smartphone As Fitness Tracking Tool Via Gymtechnik

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Use Your Smartphone As Fitness Tracking Tool Via Gymtechnik

Gym Technik:

Gym Technik is a web and mobile based fitness tracking tool. It would help you to keep track of (and monitoring) your fitness routines online and on your Smartphone.

How It Works:

Once you signed up an Online account then you can explore the site, read articles from fitness professionals, explore the workout and exercise library, and set yourself up on a workout routine. Watch the training videos to get a tour of the Online and Mobile application

When you are ready to workout, simply go to on your smartphone browser OR open the GymTechnik Apps and follow your workout and track. If you don’t have a Smartphone, print your workouts and head to the gym.

Best Part Is

Best part is that your web account and mobile account are always in sync and your data is always available to you wherever you are.

Why To Use It

By Using this tool you can create workouts online and access them on your Smartphone .

You can build your own workouts or grab workouts from their library Plan and schedule a workout routine on your personal workout calendar.

You can watch yourself achieve your goals using its informative graphs.

You can upload before and after photos of yourself online or from your Smartphone .

And you can log and follow your workout progress, while tracking body composition stats .

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