Input Ladder- Great Tool For Senior Managers To Understand Their Employees

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Input Ladder- Great Tool For Senior Managers To Understand Their Employees

When employees have information or suggestions that management should be aware of, there should be no barriers that prevent a manager from receiving the feedback.Right?

Well,if you want to break that barrier then use this site named Input Ladder.

Why? Because Input Ladder is the ideal platform for productive communication between the senior managers and employees.

Input Ladder:

Input Ladder is a company that is dedicated to helping companies, organizations and communities better understand their employees, customers and members.

Input Ladder creates a variety of solutions that allow you to truly engage with your target audience, whether internal or external.

In Company’s Own Words:

The Input Ladder is a web-based employee feedback platform. The Input Ladder allows employees of various-size companies to communicate with senior management or human resources officers. Users can post comments or suggestions by-name or anonymously.

How It Work:

Simply click the Submit button on the home page, under the Employee section. Then, enter the organizational code of your company. This should have been provided to you by your company. Once you enter the organizational code, click Post a comment.

Good Part Is:

Companies that have used the Input Ladder have noticed increase in employee productivity, company morale, and team cohesion.

Communication about new initiatives, employee conflicts, suggestions, complaints and basic comments become more productive when people are given the opportunity to speak freely.

The Input Ladder is priced to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

VisionWiz’s Views:

Very good tool to use.

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