Make Money &Gain Traffic If Your Articles Copied Or Pasted Via Embed Technology

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Make Money &Gain Traffic If Your Articles Copied Or Pasted Via Embed Technology

Are you worried because your written articles are copied by many online users? From now onwards you don’t have to worry about copy?

Why? Because now you can earn money and gain some traffic as well if anybody copy or links your articles.


Just use this this technology which is called Embed Technology.

What it does?

Embed technology will bring quality traffic and profit to your sites even if your articles is used on some other sites by copying and pasting.

Embed Technology:

Embed technology will produce a piece of code which will render it out on any embedding website invisible to search engines, with a link back to the article source, as well as display an ad so that the publisher can earn revenue from their text appearing on the embedding website.

How It Works:

If you copy text from an Embed Article enabled website, its widget window will pop open producing a unique code snippet for you.

It is preferred that you embed the text you copied by using this Embed Article code snippet.This code, when pasted within your website’s HTML, will render out:The text you copied and a link back to the article you copied it from and an ad.

Great Part Is

Its widget code automatically contains a “link back” that points at the original article’s URL. This not only results in more direct traffic from click backs, but also is a key component in increasing the page rank value of article pages on the Publisher’s site..

The Embed Article widget renders out the text from an article on the embedding blog in JavaScript making it invisible to search engines and helping you retain your articles’ SEO.

When bloggers or aggregation sites copy and paste text from original articles, they unfortunately end up competing for search engine position with the source of the article.

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