Luluvise:New platform dedicated to young women and their best friends

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Luluvise:New platform dedicated to young women and their best friends

Luluvise is a new space dedicated to young women to discuss what really matters, with the friends who matter most.

The company’s mission is to re-create the patterns of close female friendship online with its unique female-centric tools and features.


Luluvise is a social and communications platform dedicated to young women and their best friends – a new space dedicated to “girl time, all the time.”

In Company’s Own Words:

Luluvise allows young women to hand pick their closest friends and create a private network of the friends they actually care about.

How It Works:

The Luluvise platform streamlines “girl time” activities – talking, sharing, gossiping, and shopping – through a unique online space that aggregates email, SMS, instant messages and other digital modes of communication in one secure and trusted place.

All of this is targeted to the most expressive and communicative demographic online: women, who generate more than 70% of the messaging activity on Facebook, spend more than 35% more time on social networks than men, and drive 80% of all consumer spending.

Best Part Is:

Luluvise got $1 million in equity financing from Passion Capital, PROfounders Capital, and prominent angel investor Alexios Vratskides.

Passion Capital

Passion Capital is the early stage VC fund formed by prominent angel investors Eileen Burbidge, Robert Dighero and Stefan Glaenzer, who have more than 50 years’ collective experience in entrepreneurial, founding and executive operational roles in technology firms.

PROfounders Capital

PROfounders Capital is a venture capital fund for entrepreneurs powered by entrepreneurs. Its investors and principals number some of the best-known players within the digital media space – people who have built some of Europe’s most successful companies, including Bebo founder, Michael Birch, who is a Luluvise advisor.

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