GrOffr is Applying Group Buying Concepts for Real Estates-Will It Work?

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GrOffr is Applying Group Buying Concepts for Real Estates-Will It Work?

Falling price of real estate is concern for many people all across the globe.Most countries has been hit by real estate recession.

So,what things could be done to strengthen real estate market?

Well,how about applying group buying models for real estates? That might boost some real sales for real estate.


Actually,we have came across with one such site(GrOffr) that aims to apply group buying concept to real estate market.

This site is for india market only.It is named as GrOffr.


GrOffr is to promote the concept of group buying which helps both the buyer (availing higher discounts) and the seller (inventory moves fast!).

GrOffr aggregate demand for the product and get discounts which a single buyer would have difficulty in negotiating generally!

How It Works:

An individual “Suggests a Deal” (suggests a product for which he wants to have a deal) and then waits for other like-minded people to join his group OR joins an already existing group for the same or similar product.

As soon, the group crosses a certain threshold membership figure, Groffr, alongwith the Deal Champion, go and negotiate with the manufacturer or the seller of the particular product.

If the negotiations become successful, all the group members are informed about the deal and are then given a certain to inspect the product and make their purchases. In case, the negotiations do not yield any result after a sustained effort, the deal is dropped and the members are informed about the same though their registered email ids.

Great Feature Is:

It’s Deal Champion is the person who can show leadership skills and get a deal for the entire group. It can be a buyer, a broker, a seller or anybody else. The idea is simple: once a significant number of people have formed group, a Deal Champion (alongwith us or individually) can get a Group Deal for the group.

Once, the Deal Champion has posted the deal and enough people have liked the deal, the deal goes live.

Groffr’s team will then arrange for the site visit/trials and promote the deal to the other users of the website. Whatever profits Groffr makes from the deals, the same is generally shared with the Deal Champion.
VisionWiz’s Views:

We feel applying group buying concept into real estate market is quite good idea.In our view, it should work.

But,imagine what will happen if big players like Groupon or Snapdeals decide to join this market.In that case, how this company will survive?

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