Fastest way to access the web on iPad Via Zuse

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Fastest way to access the web on iPad Via Zuse

Fastest way to access the web on iPad Via Zuse


Zuse is a platform that takes advantage of the iPad’s technology to show you more content, more quickly.

Zuse is designed so your email, news, social media, shopping, and more are all easily accessible and constantly updated.

Zuse customizable interface allows you to easily update Zuse so that you can see whatever you want – easier and faster than ever before.

How It Works:

Zuse improves and accelerates mobile browsing. When you open Zuse, all of the most important information that YOU want to see is in front of you.

This context is easily navigable, and information is pulled from their servers so your news, social media, and more are constantly updated.

The organized layout makes it easy to view multiple sources of information simultaneously, helping you find what you are looking for. Faster.

Here is a video demo:

Zuse: The Future of Touch-Screen Web from Zuse on Vimeo.

In Company’s Own Words:

Zuse is the fastest way to access the web on a touch-screen device. Every time you open your iPad you can have all the sites you want to see immediately, in front of you and up-to-date.

VisionWiz’s Views:

Very Useful for ipad users.

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