200k Facebook a/c hacked in India- Your Facebook a/c hacked too? Here is a quick solution

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200k Facebook a/c hacked in India- Your Facebook a/c hacked too? Here is a quick solution

According to global media reports, more than 60 lakh Facebook accounts were hacked since Sunday night.

Social networking analysts have claimed that officially more than 2 lakh Bangalore Facebook accounts were hacked.

The cybercrime department has received many calls and complaints regarding the mass hacking. They have started preliminary investigations in a few cases too.(ndtv)

And now reports has been confirmed from India’s Sillicon Valley(Banglore).According to some news reports its around 200k facebook accounts has been hacked.

If you are one of them whose facebook a/c has been hacked then not to worry.

Here is quick fix solution By Ryan

Run a virus scan

It never hurts to make sure the hack isn’t coming from some sort of keylogger, or trojan, on your computer. Run whatever virus guard you have. If you don’t have one; MSSE, Avira, and AntiVir are free.

Change you Facebook password

There is something called a phishing scam. Basically, someone will create a web page of sorts to looks similar to the site from which they wish to steal passwords.

If changing your password fixes the “hack”, you want to proceed to change the password for any other account that has the same password that you formerly used for Facebook.

Remove app permissions

Just about every web app, game, etc.. requires you to login with Facebook and grant them certain provisions to your account. Once you grant it to them, they have it until you specify otherwise.

I am a developer by trade, and it isn’t very hard to rig up a facebook application that asks for permission to things like your inbox, posting to your wall, posting to your friend’s walls, etc. It’s almost like a Terms of Service agreement.

No one ever reads them, they just click “OK”. The series of screenshots I took below will shot you how to remove access from a specific app

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